Cyanide, Supercluster 01 is a collaboration between Dutch-based production company Youth Novel Motions ® (est. 2017, The Hague) and the clothing brand DELAY® Clothing (est. 2017, Rotterdam). The concept manifests as a "super trailer", extending 90 minutes of fragmented cuts that bind different plotlines and an all-encompassing anticlimax together.

Plot summary:
Six – intertwined – stories delve into various social- and political dilemmas - occurring in Dutch society – surrounding a cluster of millennials, with each story perceptualizing the deepest corners of human behavior. These include, but are not limited to; social injustice, drug addiction, homosexuality, nepotism, and misogyny. 


Cyanide, Supercluster 01 consists of the following plotlines:

01. Non-Zero-Sum Game:
Olivier, a Dutch boy, grows up in a conservative household, consisting of his alcoholic father that deals with the loss of his wife and his sister who shows signs of bipolar disorder, while simultaneously consuming a lot of drugs. He tries to find his identity and place in the multicultural society in The Netherlands but is constantly being intervened by his father’s toxic patterns of oppressing progressive thought patterns.  


02. Homochromia:
A novel writer that experiences vivid daydreams and daunting nightmares starts writing about the search for his soulmate, based on ‘The Myth of Soulmates’ by Plato. He reflects his feelings into the chaos surrounding the novel's characters and consistently gets pulled into dreams of a boy sitting on a rooftop, which he believes is his soulmate. As the darkness of his characters comes more alive, so does the lucidity of his own love story.

03. The Jungle:
Nepotism has taken over the music industry and on top of the food chain is the biggest record label in The Netherlands ‘The Jungle’, owned by the infamous Anthonio Zanotti. Gulzaar is an aspiring singer and tries her best to get signed with The Jungle, but upon befriending Jelena – who has moved into her building – everything around her - including her long-time relationship with her boyfriend Joseph - starts to falter and get bewildered.

04. Born in Paradise:
Being alienated in a social community that she deems to be a utopia, Kiara – who suffers from delusional disorder - explores the concept of being born in Paradise and why she defines her surroundings – despite all the despair around her - in that way. Her sister Naomi being rebellious and domestically abusive towards their mother and Kiara’s constant flashbacks of traumatic encounters of bullying turn into comfort after she meets a conspiracy theorist – and additionally her internet idol - Xander.

05. Supernova Babe:
Victoria, a very successful social influencer, has lost touch with reality and turns extremely arrogant as she grows more successful. Coming from an unstable upbringing and developing claustrophobia at a young age, she finds it difficult to navigate her newfound fame and notices how she slowly is becoming a commodity to everyone around her. After her best friend Michelle introduces her to a boy she knows named ‘Kay’, Victoria starts dating him and starts to fall for his charm, completely ignoring the early signs of his misogyny and toxic masculinity, landing her in an unexpected seat.

06. The Pillars of Creation:
Running the online video blog ‘Truth or Flare’, Xander has a notable follower base that has an interest in his videos about the hypothetical existence of extraterrestrial life, among other conspiracy theories he discusses. He uses computer software to explore signals in the night sky and has a specific fascination for the black hole TON-618. As Xander gathers more quantum information, he starts to slip into an elevated psychotic state of mind, not being able to process the information he is processing.

07. TON-618:

The anticlimax takes a deep dive into the zoo hypothesis.